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The following information is important as it provides an overview of our terms of services, which we recommend you review.

2022 Terms of Service updated June 26, 2023

We are pleased to welcome you and thank you for your interest in GTR AutoPost .our website at GTR AutoPost and all related websites, networks, mobile applications, and other services we provide (collectively, " Service "). These Terms of Use form a legally binding agreement between you and GTR AutoPost concerning your use of the Service.


by clicking "i accept," or by downloading, installing, or otherwise accessing or using the service, you agree that you have read and understood, and, as a condition to your use of the service, you agree to be bound by, the following terms and conditions, including gtr autopost privacy policy https://gtrautopost.com/privacy_policy and any additional terms and policies gtr autopost may provide from time to time (together, these "Terms"). you cannot use the service if you aren't eligible or don't agree with the terms. gtr autopost's provision to you and your use of this service constitutes a contract by GTR.


The Service offers a social media management tool, which allows users to post on social media platforms at a set time. It also includes other design and analytics tools that can be used to boost users' social media content.

Modification of the Service: GTR AutoPost reserves all rights to temporarily or permanently discontinue or modify any part of the Service. GTR AutoPost is not responsible for any changes to the Service or suspension or termination of access to the Service. The service fees are refundable at that point. But keep a copy of all User Content that you post to the Service. we are not responsible for your content. This will ensure that you have permanent copies in case the Service is changed in a way that makes it impossible for you to access the User Content that you posted to the Service. users' account on GTR auto post, we have the right to delete, suspend permanently or temporarily,


Eligibility: To use the Service, you must be at least 18 years old. There is a limit of one account per user. If more than one account is found, all accounts will be banned due to our terms and conditions. 

Accounts Registration:  Register for an account to access the Service's most popular features. You may need to give us some personal information when you create an account. This could include your name, email address, or any other contact information. You guarantee that all information provided to us is correct, complete, current, and not misleading. You will need to create a password when you register. Your account password and confidentiality are your sole responsibility. GTR auto post does not have an asset to your password, please keep it safe and you are available to reset your password anytime, 

Payment Terms

Monthly Plans. We will charge you for monthly plans on the first day and then automatically every month (" Monthly Payment Date". We will continue charging you for your Plan and any Add-Ons every month unless you cancel. You can access the "Billing” page within the Application. You will not receive refunds or credits for prepaid or unused fees if you cancel within the month before your Monthly Pay Date. However, you will still have access to the Products up to the next Monthly Pay Date.

Annual Plans. We will charge you for annual plans on the first day of the subscription term, and then automatically on the same day each year (" Yearly Pay Date") We will continue charging you for your Plan and any Add-Ons on an annual basis unless you cancel before the Annual Pay Date. Access the "Billing” page within the Application. You will not receive refunds or credits for prepaid or unused fees if you cancel within the subscription term. However, you will still have access to the Products up to the next Annual Pay Date. Gtrautopost reserves all rights to raise your subscription fees for your annual plan on your Annual Pay Date. However, such an increase must not exceed 10% above the fees associated with the immediately preceding subscription term.

Refund Policy: 

We offer a 100 % refund if the service is not working as we advertised, you are not satisfied with our services, you have to contact us within 30 days of the payment made,


GTR AutoPost reserves all rights to set the pricing for the Service.  GTR AutoPost will do everything possible to ensure that pricing information on our website remains current. We encourage you to check our pricing page periodically for current pricing information, located here: https://gtrautopost.com/pricing You may lose your current price if you cancel your subscription. If you reactivate at a later date. GTR reserves the right to change any fee for any feature on the Service. GTR may offer promotional offers to customers with different pricing and features at its sole discretion. These promotional offers will not apply to your offer and these Terms unless they are made to you. All quotes provided by our Service can be changed at any time.

Entire Agreement

Except for any service order or other agreement, these Terms are the entire agreement between the parties concerning your use of the Application and Products. These Terms supersede all previous oral or written communications concerning these matters. GTR AutoPost is not bound by any term, condition, or other provision (even if it would materially alter the agreement), that you have submitted in any receipts, invoices, acceptances, purchase orders, confirmations, or correspondence, or otherwise.

Contact Information

GTR AutoPost offers the Service at 5010 7th Ave, Fort Worth, TX USA TP: +1877-667-3007 info@ gtrautopost. com